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    Virgo Week Ahead.

    Communication, communication, communication. I believe Mercury and Venus are to blame but, yeah. It’s a great time for communication up until Thursday. This is mainly having to do with relationships, even just communicating with other people. Watch your aggression. Enjoy it!

    TheLuckyVirgo Update.

    Wow, yes, I have been M.I.A.. Lots of things, but not much has been going on. But, I’m still here. I took about a week off actually from all the work I do on the site, other web work that I do. I needed the break away to regroup and refocus. That, and finally deal with my hair.

    I took my chunky/big twists out and found that my hair grew about 2 inches. My hair was in great condition. It was not breaking or anything. Just the shed hair, in a proper amount. I was really pleased with the overall health and strength of my hair. It usually is very brittle and difficult to manage but I loved the way it turned out.

    I then proceeded to put it right back into braids. LOL. I felt the need to continue to protect my hair from myself, the winter, and just to leave it alone and let it continue to grow. I have put in a set of Senegalese style twists (pictures and video coming soon).

    I have footage and video of the braid take down and the state of my fro. I don’t have any of me braiding because there is just so much of that out there already. If it is something that is requested later then maybe I will do that.

    Video is something I actually miss right now. Problem is I’m being LAZY when it comes to editing the video ( I also run Linux on my computer so I don’t have a simple movie editing program). I like to just shoot and upload if I can help it. But, I know I can edit so I’m being a Virgo and wanting perfection, where complete perfection isn’t necessary. And, music. I want to add music to the videos and I know exactly how to go about getting it I just haven’t. Bleh.

    I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with posting also. There are just too many things I have to say. Too many things I have to talk about. I want to do a mesh of video and blogging. I want to sync the two together and make it grand. I’m also looking at redoing the Theme/Layout of my blog. Just lots of things. Lots of self-discovery. And, working really hard to grow some more self-love.

    Man, it feels good to get up here and just write again. I really enjoy this.

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